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Official Riley Jackson


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Riley Jackson is a California born and raised actress with both U.S. and Canadian citizenship. She began her acting career doing theater and then began booking voiceover roles and roles in a short film for GoPro and the AFI. This ultimately led to being cast as a lead in the feature film "Crystal Inferno" opposite Claire Forlani at the age of 11.

Riley then landed other roles including the coveted role of the young Lily Tomlin in Netflix' award winning series "Grace and Frankie." She recently completed the family feature film "A Genie's Tail" (opposite Hero, the dog that wow'd audiences on America's Got Talent, Laura Marano, star of Disney's "Austin & Ally," Kevin Farley and John Farley (the hilarious brothers of the late Chris Farley of "SNL" and "Tommy Boy" Fame), Jake Paul (star of Disney's "Bizaardvark" and YouTube superstar), Merrick Hanna (of America's Got Talent fame), and Hunter Payton (NBC's A to Z). Riley is now set to star in the upcoming family feature film "Amazon Lost" opposite Albert Tsai (Disney's "Coop and Cami Ask the World") which is set to begin production in the fall of 2019.

In addition to acting, Riley dances, writes music, plays the piano, guitar and drums. She has recorded background vocals for 16x Grammy Award winning producer Humberto Gatica (Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli) including on Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" Laura Breton's Christmas Album and for Vocal Producer Kenny O'Brien (Michael Buble; Celine Dion). She was also the lead vocalist for Music Sense on 30 children's songs.

Riley has n social media presence and has been featured with superstars Jake Paul, David Dobrick, Jason Nash, Alex Ernest, Nick Crompton, Nathan Speiser and Tristan Tales. Her '' (now TikTok) videos were also 'Featured' several times. She has traveled throughout the world and often attends international film and television markets with her parents who are film executives including Cannes, Miptv, Mipcom, Budapest, Hong Kong, Moscow, London, and Toronto, thereby being exposed to the business side of entertainment.